Urang Sarawak Exhibition

Sarawak Museum

11 July 2018 (Wed)

14 July 2018 (Sat)

Sarawak Museum presents a guided tour of the Urang Sarawak Exhibition at the museum, given by the curator.

Sarawak Museum was established by Charles Brooke the Second Rajah in 1860 and thanks the great naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace, for his influence. The museum began as a temporary museum at the Market place in 1886, before being opened as a proper museum in 1891.

The museum grew slowly, maintaining the indigenous pride, identity and tradition of Sarawakians. It survived the Second World War and even stood on a sounder footing when Sarawak gained its independence through the formation of Malaysia in 1963. As the result, Sarawak Museum enjoys the international recognition not only as a superb museum but also as a research centre in Borneo where Sarawak Museum Journals are published annually for the world circulation since 1910.

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