The Old Courthouse (Auditorium)

7, 8, 14 & 15 July 2018
Various times

A series of talks on Sarawak presented over the course of the Festival, curated by the Friends of Sarawak Museum & Sarawak Museum.

Rajahs and Research: the Brookes, Science and the Sarawak Museum – Jennifer Morris

Saturday 7 July, 11:00am, The Old Courthouse (Auditorium)

Exploring the story of the historic Kuching landmark, the Sarawak Museum, and the scientific legacy of the Brookes, the museum and Sarawak society. Jennifer Morris is a British historian specialising in the history of museums and science in colonial Southeast Asia.

Please note this talk has now finished.

Looted Objects: Triggers to Alternative Histories – Valerie Mashman

Saturday 7 July, 2:00pm, The Old Courthouse (Auditorium)

Looking at objects looted from the Kenyah Badeng which serve as a trigger to examine Badeng responses to Brooke rule. These looted objects provide an opportunity to examine Badeng oral histories which convey agency, resistance and independence. Valerie Mashman is a researcher, anthropologist, and author who has lived for over 35 years in Sarawak.

Please note this talk has now finished.

Decolonisation of Colonial Collections: The Debate in Europe with Special Reference to the Deaccessioning of the Delft Nusantara Collection – Dr. Jos van Beurden

Sunday 8 July, 11:00am, The Old Courthouse (Auditorium)

Focusing on the shifting debate about the decolonisation of colonial collections in Europe, and the challenges that museums face, after having to de-accession a complete collection in a relatively short period of time.

The lecture will be followed by a guided tour through the Treasures of Nusantara exhibition in the Textile Museum.

Please note this talk has now finished.

Pratuokng, a Bidayuh Bamboo Zither of Annah Rais – Arthur Borman Kanying

Sunday 8 July, 2:00pm, The Old Courthouse (Auditorium)

Pratuokng is a six stringed bamboo zither played by the Bidayuh community in Annah Rais, located in the upper Padawan Region. Arthur will introduce the history of the instrument, how the instrument is made, and its role and function of the repertoire in Bidayuh’s culture.

Please note this talk has now finished.

The Alienation of Ali: Was A.R.Wallace’s assistant from Sarawak or Indonesia? – Dr. Jerry Drawhorn

Saturday 14 July, 10:00am, The Old Courthouse (Auditorium)

Alfred Russel Wallace, the famous zoologist, travelled through the Malay Archipelago accompanied by a Malay assistant named Ali Wallace. Most experts have accepted that Ali came from Sarawak, but recently some have suggested that Ali was actually Indonesian. This lecture re-establishes Ali as a native son of Sarawak and explores his significance to Wallace's work.

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Wallace Trail of Bukit Peninjau – Rebecca D'Cruz & Lim Kooi Fong

Saturday 14 July, 2:00pm, The Old Courthouse (Auditorium)

Retrace the footsteps of Alfred Russel Wallace. This talk will tell the story of Wallace on his collecting trail up Mt Peninjau, and will introduce a ground breaking new eBook, the "Wallace Trail of Bukit Peninjau" which explores key areas stepped on by the famous biologist, just outside of Kuching.

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Tuked Rini: the Ideal Human and the Cosmic Multiverse – Monica Janowski

Sunday 15 July, 11:00am, The Old Courthouse (Auditorium)

This talk will explore the relationship of culture heroes like the Kelabit hero Tuked Rini with cosmic power and the complex cosmic multiverse within which heroes travel in oral narratives. Monica Janowski is an anthropologist who has been carrying out research on the Kelabit Highlands for more than 30 years.

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Beyond Pua Kumbu: Other Woven Iban Textiles – Janat Rata Noel

Sunday 15 July, 2:00pm, The Old Courthouse (Auditorium)

A talk on the Iban textiles weaving practices of the Iban weavers of Sarawak, including the Iban pua kumbu, a warp-patterned ceremonial blanket, as well as other textile weaving skills of Iban weavers, such as the making of the Iban pua sungkit, and the anyam or sulam or karap technique.

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