Talk: Prehistoric Bornean Mammals

The Old Court House

7:00PM - 8:30PM

A talk presented by Mr Lim Tze Tshen on the 45,000-year record of prehistoric Bornean mammals discovered in Niah Caves.

In his talk entitled: A 45,000-Year Record of Prehistoric Bornean Mammals from Niah Caves, Mr Lim Tze Tshen presents the long history of intensive archaeological research at Niah Caves conducted by teams from Sarawak Museum, in collaboration with both local and international universities. The search has yielded a rich and unparalleled mammalian zooarchaeological collection. The systematic study of the assemblage had revealed a prehistoric fauna similar to present-day Borneo. This underscores the uniqueness of the current mammal fauna and provides further justification for its conservation. With sufficient level of appropriate curation, this scientifically significant collection will certainly continue to contribute to our understanding of prehistoric Borneo.


This talk is organized in partnership with Sarawak Museum Campus.

About the speaker:

Lim Tze Tshen, with an academic background in biology, zoology and zooarchaeology, is an independent researcher on biodiversity conservation and vertebrate palaeontology. He specializes in wildlife conservation and habitat management, and has a comprehensive knowledge on the past and present biodiversity and animal life of Southeast Asia. He had made extensive studies on biological specimens from collections in local and foreign museums and professional institutions in various countries around the world including Malaysia, Indonesia, China, UK, France, Germany, Vietnam and others. Mr Lim has served as a consultant to the Malaysia Government (both at federal and state levels) in a variety of assignments ranging from natural resources planning, feasibility studies in the field, and capacity building by providing training courses. Lim is made a Research Associate to the Zoology Museum, Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Malaya, and a Research Fellow (Zooarchaeology) of the Sarawak Museum Campus Project.

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