Sarawak Culinary Heritage

India Street Pedestrian Mall

6 - 8 July 2018
6:00pm - 10:30pm

Free to Attend

Join the Sarawak Culinary Heritage and Arts Committee as they bring you on a culinary adventure, allowing visitors and locals alike to experience and enjoy Sarawak’s ethnic foods.

This food festival will allow visitors and locals alike to experience and enjoy Sarawak’s ethnic foods from across all the communities. There will be fresh food to eat, and seedlings and other produce for sale. From Malay mee jawa and satay, to Dayak umai and kacang mah, or if it tickles your tastebuds, Chinese fried chai kueh and orh chien, finished off with a spicy Indian curry! Sit down at the batik covered tables and soak in the ambience as you watch people enjoying the festival.

Don’t have time to sit down and eat? Simply buy a bottle of tempoyak or kelulut honey to sample at home. If you don’t recognize these names, you have to come down to the Festival and discover them for yourself…

If you don’t mind getting your hands messy then learn how to make local tidbits during the Kino Live Kitchen “Hands Up or Hands On” demo “Snacks Alive!”, teaching you step by step how to make everything, from nyonya to acar to kuih muih! It is first come first served so come early (before 7pm).

To further entice you, as you listen to the lilting tunes of the sape, there will be beads and crafts galore. Come and support our local social entrepreneurs by buying their colourful woven baskets or diligently upcycled earrings and notebooks. You will not be able to walk past the colourful layers of the chevron beaded necklaces without stopping for a look.

All this and more awaits your senses at the Festival of Streetfood.Crafts.Arts in the evenings of Friday July 6th til Sunday July 8th.

Please note this event has now finished.

Photo credit: Datin Dona Drury-Wee

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