Redesigning Bornean Crafts


7 - 15 July 2018
11:00am - 10:00pm

Free to Attend

Bringing together designers from Thailand and Taiwan with local craftsmen to showcase what happens when international design embraces local craftsmanship.

20 days. 6 designs. 3 countries.

The design teams will combine their skills to create innovative new items over a three-week workshop in June and July, after which they will display their pieces during the festival.

The designers will also do a talk on their journey and experience on Saturday 7 July - click here for more information.

Taiwan Designers:

1) Li Sheng, Kang - Divooe Zein Architects
2) Wei Sen, Chao - HDG Workshop

Thailand Designers:

3) Plan Chantarasiri - Bay One Studio
4) Sumanatsya Voharn - Rakker Studio
5) Supattra Kreaksakul - PATAPiAN Studio
6) Julian Huang - Weave Artisan Society

Local craftsmen:

• Stanley Ngu SOLO: Timber, Carpentry, Metal Wielding
• Albert Sii: Timber, Bamboo
• Lucas Loo: Bamboo
• Carpenter Street: Tin
• Left & Right: Jewellery Making
• Kenneth Fabian: Leather Making

Redesigning Bornean Crafts evolves from Borneo Laboratory, which is a creative incubator project to bring out innovation in design and make through cross continent collaboration. Every year, the team invites designers and artists that are interested in innovating on Borneo aesthetic to set up their project at Borneo Laboratory. Through the spirit of collaboration, the invited creative members are encouraged to collaborate with local craftsmen and artists. Learn more at:

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