Movie Nights and Local Delights

Kuching Waterfront

6 - 7 JULY
4:00PM - 12:00AM


A weekend of local food, films and fun!

Presented by The Sarawak Culinary Heritage and Arts Committee, the Waterfront Gardens of Kuching river will be turned into a weekend of jam-packed evenings with film screenings, sales of food from various cultures of Sarawak, KINO Live Heritage cooking demonstrations, performances and more!


The programme showcases the best of Dayak food including pansuh, sambai sorai, and nasi aruk just to name a few and food demonstrations of kelabit senape and buah kepayang on Saturday. Sunday activities include the sales of traditional Chinese and Indian cuisines, food demos and performances including Chinese opera, Er Hu musical instrument and the energetic Bangra dance. On top of it all, classic and contemporary films both feature-length and short will be screened, wayang-pacak style. So bring along your rattan mat, get some dinner or snacks, sit down, chill and relax for the evenings!

Stay tuned for updates and details!

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