Moonshop Forest Workshops


7 & 8 July 2018

Workshops presented by Moonshop Gallery, a plant design laboratory specialising in tropical ornamental forests.

The Moonshop Gallery team collects abundant jungle species in the region and incorporates them into art, which shows an elegant combination of botany and aesthetics that enlighten the living environment. With their signature products, the workshops invite people to explore the natural circulation of the rainforest ecosystem.

They will host two workshops at RFF 2018:

Forest Frame ( 7 July, RM148 / pax )

Own a part of the forest with a beautiful handcrafted Forest Frame, using Pafcal, a special soilless sponge-like material derived mainly from organic plant material.

The workshop will involve creating the Forest Frame and learning how to maintain it.

Registration unavailable (past event)

Forest in a Bottle ( 8 July , RM108 / pax )

Forest in a Bottle is a terrarium made out of a mixture of stone, compost soil, leca clay & plants to form a little forest. There is a particular art and science to creating this mini eco-system.
The workshop will consist of creating the forest in bottles of various shapes and sizes with your own hands.

Registration unavailable (past event)

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