Jungle Fever by Marie Dargent

The Marian Boutique Lodging House

5 - 12 JULY
10:00AM - 6:00PM


Fifty loose-hanging, hundred-year old cotton strips with striking acrylic colours, using stencilled cut-outs made of jungle motifs. This is the exhibition by Marie Dargent

Jungle Fever is the title of a new series of works by French artist Marie Dargent. Inspired by the vivid tropical vegetation of Malaysia’s rainforest , Jungle Fever comprises of over 50 loose-hanging pieces of cloth that have been painted with striking acrylic colours using stencilled cut-outs that she had made of jungle motifs.

These long, narrow strips of antique cotton cloth are over a hundred years old, taken from the Dargent family collection, originally made by her seamstress great-grandmother, together with other pieces hunted down in European flea markets.

Working from memories of her travels through Malaysia’s jungles as well as recent images captured by John Brunton’s photographs on a journey around the Mulu caves, her exhibition transports the viewer into the enclosed depths of the rainforest, at once realist and figurative, yet also abstract, intriguing and seductive.

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