Creative Forum

Black Box, Borneo744

7 July 2018 (Sat)
11:00am, 2:00pm & 5:00pm

8 July 2018 (Sun)
11:00am, 2:00pm & 5:00pm

International speakers present individual talks on bamboo design and product creation, with speakers from the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, and Australia.

Shahril Faisal: Sustainable by Design - Sat 7 July, 11:00am

Industrial designer by education and product and furniture designer by practice, Shahril Faisal is known for his minimalist interpretation on Malaysian design values. A multiple award-winning designer, his works have been exhibited in furniture fairs and art galleries across Asia and published in renowned magazines such as Canadian Interiors Canada, Elle Décor India, Going Places Malaysia and the Dutch Volkskrant Netherlands.

His personal ethos is that his designs should be innovative in many ways, be it on appearance or functional aspects, and should also contain a story that users can relate to and appreciate.

Please note this event has now finished.

Madhu Jain: Bamboo Silk Ikat: A Journey to Responsible Fashion - Sat 7 July, 2:00pm

Madhu shares her journey as a designer and her work towards responsible and sustainable fashion in India. She is a designer extraordinaire and a doyen in the Indian crafts sector, evident from her many partnerships over the years with the Government of India’s Ministry of Textiles. Thanks to her early experiments with bamboo yarn, she was instrumental in introducing bamboo as an alternative textile in India.

After more years of sourcing, research, and development, she was able to perfect the right quality of bamboo fibre that, when woven together with other natural fibres, has the right tensile strength to stand up to the established yarns. Her Bamboo Silk Ikat weave is the first of its kind in the world.

Please note this event has now finished. 

Panel Discussion: The Artists of Redesigning Bornean Crafts - Sat 7 July, 5:00pm

The artists of Redesigning Bornean Crafts discuss their creative journey, where they combined their skills to create innovative new items over a three-week workshop in June and July – showcasing what happens when international design embraces local craftsmanship.

Please note this event has now finished.

Cheng-Tsung Feng: Learning to Create a Design from Tradition - Sun 8 July, 11:00am

Cheng Tsung FENG is a Taiwanese young artist. With an old soul in his body, he is fascinated by exploring the wisdom condensed out of time hidden in traditional utensils. He is reluctant to let go of these intangible assets along with traditional utensils, so inherits them by design and learns to create utensils from their tradition.

Please note this event has now finished. 

Jed Long: Architecture of Impermanence - Sun 8 July, 2:00pm

Jed Long works at the intersection of art and architecture. Co-founder of Cave Urban, Jed is also a Churchill Fellow, World Bamboo Ambassador and an Associate of the University of Tasmania.

Architecture of Impermanence explores other ways of practicing architecture that challenges the rampant cycle of consumption and waste that is present within the built environment. Focusing on key works and collaborations by Cave Urban, the talk explores how bamboo can help play a role in lowering the carbon footprint of the building industry and constructing architecture suitable to place and program.

Please note this event has now finished.

Joko Avianto: Bamboo in Contemporary Arts - Sun 8 July, 5:00pm

Joko Avianto is an Indonesian bamboo artist who lives and works in Bandung. He creates site-specific installations which are both spectacular and environmentally-conscious, with installations around the world – including Big Trees (Pohon Besar) in Frankfurt, Germany.

Through bamboo, Joko invites us for a moment to look back at how the depletion of bamboo forest vegetation nowadays has resulted in changes in the social life around it; the extinction of bamboo culture, the loss of creativity and bamboo craftsmen work land; and the transition of the craftsmen profession become the workers of manufacturing industry. For Joko, bamboo is a symbol of his anxiety on the theme of wealth destruction cultural diversity of Indonesia by a process of industrialization which became the backbone of modern life.

Please note this event has now finished.

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